AMITA Health Advocacy

Our advocacy is deeply rooted in the Catholic identity and aligned with the Seventh Day Adventist mission to bring to our patients the loving spirit of Christ through his healing ministry.

We speak out on public policy issues that impact the communities we serve, ensuring adequate funding for Medicare and Medicaid, health education, long term care and community health efforts.  Our public policy is aligned with the foundation for healthcare delivery at AMITA Health in these four areas:


The value of integrity is reflected in the stewardship of our ministries, as well as conducting business with accountability. Fiscal policies ensure that AMITA Health can continue to provide wholistic healthcare in a highly personal environment for all those we are privileged to serve


Transformation of healthcare delivery is essential to AMITA Health’s growth and evolving technological capabilities to advance standards of care. Transformation policies help us achieve the vision of providing wholistic care to our patients in a highly personalized environment.

Community Health

AMITA Health partners with patients, families and our communities to achieve wellness for all those we are privileged to serve.  Policies that address community health respect the dignity of all people and ensure that conditions in society allow individuals to reach their fulfillment, with special attention to the poor and vulnerable.

Quality and Safety

Our promise is to deliver outstanding quality with coordinated and comprehensive care. Policies related to excellence are critical to delivering health care that is advanced, safe and cost-efficient.

We advocate alongside partners who share our mission.  We work to develop relationships with our lawmakers to help them understand the importance of these issues and how programs impact their communities.  We also support them in the policy-making process as subject matter experts.