Frequently Asked Questions

Why is advocacy important to AMITA Health?

Compassion is at the root of all we do here at AMITA Health. We care deeply about the health of all of the people who live in the communities we serve, especially those who are marginalized, vulnerable and underserved. That is why we are committed to advocacy. We are active at all levels – local, state and national- where health care policy decisions are made. These policies directly affect the health of our communities.

How do I use the Advocacy Hub?

Staying on top of issues and proposed legislation can be time-consuming. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the information you need. The Advocacy Hub has four key resources:

  1. Take Action: a place where you can make your voice heard on important issues
  2. Public Policies: briefing materials and updates on current public policy
  3. News: to learn about the current political debate and legislative environment
  4. Knowledge Center: to find the information you need to be an effective champion.

Check back often for the latest information and to take action on initiatives you care about.

Why are the public policies categorized under Fiscal, Transformation, Community Health, and Quality and Safety?

These categories most closely align with the foundation for healthcare delivery at AMITA Health.

How does AMITA Health approach legislation?

Each legislative session there are about 10,000 bills introduced at the federal level and 5,000 bills at the state level. We evaluate this legislation to identify and deploy limited resources to legislation that impacts our business and aligns with our mission.

Many bills do not have the political ability to move through the process. Making this determination helps us decide the amount of resources to expend on the legislation. We evaluate if the legislation has specific impact or relevance to AMITA Health. If it does, we will engage our legislators and use resources to advocate on the bill.

What if I can’t find the public policy I’m interested in?

If a policy you are interested in is not listed on this website, please let us know at

Why should I care about advocating for health care policies?

Our legislative bodies continually make decisions that impact health care coverage, financing and delivery of services. Our legislators need to know how their decisions will impact the people and organizations in their communities. Your voice is powerful.

How can I take action?

Go to the Action Center.

Get in touch with your legislators.

Now more than ever, it is vitally important that you stay in touch with your congressperson or senator in Springfield or Washington. They need to know what their constituents are thinking and what they want to see happen. And they especially need your expertise, your stories and your opinions about the issues they are facing and the pieces of legislation they are considering.

How do I find out who my senator or representative is so I can contact them?

It’s easy! Go to Legislator Look-Up, enter your address and get the names and contact information for your state and federal senators and representatives.