AMITA Health Ambassadors

Every associate is a champion when it comes to advocacy. Your real-life experience and expertise can be a resource for policy-makers. It can help shape legislation and regulation. It is relevant at every level of government.

We are so thankful for all our associates, leaders and partners who are able to take time from their busy schedules to help educate legislators, host tours, attend events and engage in the policy-making process.  Ways you can learn more about advocacy include:

  • Get to know your lawmakers. The new General Assembly turned over one-third of its membership in the last election. Very few members of the General Assembly have healthcare experience, so it’s important for us to become a resource as they face tough decisions on funding and regulation. You can look up your elected officials here.
  • Follow the issues. We expect more than 4,000 bills to be filed in Springfield during the 2019 General Assembly. As an organization we must be focused on identifying what could be beneficial and what could be damaging to our patients, our associates and our business. To do that, we develop AMITA’s issue priorities each year. You can familiarize yourself with them on the Advocacy Hub’s Issues page.
  • Join the Advocacy Call. As a future AMITA Ambassador, you will be asked to join our monthly Advocacy Call where we provide updates on issues, activities and opportunities.  The call is held on the second Monday of each month at 2 PM.  You get all the information you need in 30 minutes.

Joining the Advocacy Call each month for our 30 minute update is the minimum time requirement to be an Ambassador.  As an Ambassador, you will receive regular updates and have opportunities to participate in activities and events to represent AMITA Health and grow your skills as your schedule allows.

If you would like to know how to become more engaged in our efforts, please send Julia Larkin with the AMITA Health Advocacy Team a note at

We are better when we work together on behalf of the communities we serve to outstanding quality with coordinated and comprehensive care. Click here to see the impact we made in 2018 through our advocacy efforts.

Thank you!

AMITA Health Resources

Materials developed by AMITA Health to help you understand, communicate and engage on issues important to health care and our ministry.

Ambassador Who Is AMITA Health

Slide offering standardized, brief AMITA Health description.

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Ambassador Orientation Slides

Welcome to the Ambassadors Program. These slides are used to provide orientation to the program.

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AMITA Health Ambassadors in Action

Our AMITA Health associates, leaders, and partners work hard every day to advocate for compassionate, high-quality healthcare for everyone.  One way we can improve the lives of others is to advocate for change. Our AMITA Health Ambassadors in Action monthly photo galleries highlight associates who have lent their voice and expertise to influential legislators and key decision makers.