BIG IDEAS for Advocacy


Advocacy at AMITA Health

Compassion is at the root of all we do at AMITA Health. We care deeply about the health of all of the people who live in the communities we serve.  That is why we are committed to advocacy. We are active at all levels – local, state and national- where health care policy decisions are made. These policies directly affect the health of our communities.

Legislators are regularly faced with making decisions on various issues such as education, taxes, infrastructure, and of course, healthcare so rarely are they experts on every issue.  That is where you come in.

We want your BIG IDEA.  What hurdles do you experience at work? Does an Illinois policy, rule or regulation get in the way of delivering the best patient care you can deliver?

You are an expert in the field of health care, and the Advocacy team needs your leadership. Share your ideas on how changes in policy could help you deliver better, more efficient care and they will turn your ideas into action.

Last year, the Advocacy team received a request from Dr. Timothy McCurry, the Chief Medical Officer at Rainbow Hospice and Palliative Care.  He had identified a critical loophole in the laws governing safe disposal of opioids and other prescription drugs.  The Advocacy team created legislation to address this loophole and advanced it through the legislature.  The Governor signed the bill into law expanding the Safe Pharmaceutical Act to make it easier for our hospice nurses to properly dispose of opiates and other dangerous drugs.

Your idea could be next.  Submit your BIG IDEA by clicking here for your chance to directly impact Illinois policy and lead change in the field of health care!