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4 Ways Springing Ahead Messes with Your Health

This past weekend, the vast majority of Americans pushed their clocks forward an hour. Has it been more difficult to drag yourself out of bed ...

June 28, 2022 + View Article

Healing Hearts with Echo the Therapy Dog

“Can I hug your dog?” Echo had hardly climbed onto the couch when the young lady grabbed her. She hugged Echo and sobbed into her ...

June 28, 2022 + View Article

The Summer After: Are You Coping with Post-Grad Depression?

For many college students, the summer months mean taking a much-needed rest from the breakneck pace of finals and homework. Time away from school means ...

June 28, 2022 + View Article

Undo the Physical Damage of Pandemic Living

The U.S. is in a pandemic. Of broken toes. At least, so said an article in the Washington Post earlier this year. The broken toes ...

June 28, 2022 + View Article

Fitzgeralds’ Passion for Youth Mental Health

Karen Fitzgerald (left) shown above with her son Kurt McCullum, hosts the Fitzgerald Family Foundation annual golf outing, which raises funds for school mental health ...

June 28, 2022 + View Article