2017 Illinois End of Session Report

This year was the first year of a two year session for the State of Illinois. Aligning Presence Health priorities with our values and KRAs, the system was able to make progress despite the extremely difficult and partisan climate in Illinois state government.

  • Presence Health Sponsors Legislation. For the first time, Presence Health sponsored legislation to remove the requirement that a licensed health professional be in the room for an entire tele-psychiatry visit in order for the provider to be reimbursed by Medicaid. Representative Bellock and Senator McGuire carried the legislation and we expect Governor Rauner to sign it, increasing our ability to recruit providers and be reimbursed for services.
  • Full Budget with Revenue Finally Approved. The budget impasse that has been ongoing in Illinois since 2015 was resolved when bipartisan majorities in the General Assembly overrode vetoes of the Governor on a budget, budget implementation and supporting revenue legislation. Key items in the budget package include:
    • Increases the individual income tax rate to 4.95% (from 3.75%) and corporate income tax rate to 7% (from 5.25%), effective July 1, 2017.
    • Authorizes $36 billion in General Funds spending with 5% across-the-board cuts to most current operations lines.
    • No cuts to Medicaid and fully funds state employee group health insurance.
    • Provides the mechanisms to fund sweep and borrow to pay down $8 billion in old bills.
    • Authorizes $750 million in fund-sweep payments to MCOs and authorizes rate increases for supportive living facilities and providers of community care, developmental disability and mental health services.
  • Ongoing Threats to Medicaid. The efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act in Washington, DC, which focus largely on cutting Medicaid funding and rolling back coverage expansion, was the background for ongoing changes at the state level.
    • MCO Oversight. Hospitals came together to attempt to address operational issues with the MCOs through meetings with the Department of Health and Family Services as well as introduction of legislation. Our issues with MCO’s include credentialing for providers, discharge orders, payment delays and claims denials,
    • Medicaid Managed Care RFP. Rather than pursuing legislation to address providers’ issues with MCO’s, the state issued a RFP for new MCO contracts. This RFP will provide MCO coverage statewide and reduce the number of MCOs that will operate in the state in an effort to enable more efficient credentialing and claims processing. Proposals were due June 20 with a decision expected in July. That time frame has been significantly delayed.
    • New Medicaid Assessment. Presence Health is actively engaged in the process for creating a new Medicaid assessment that may include additional payment reforms in 2018. These new payment models will likely be a blend of static payments for high volume Medicaid hospitals as well as dynamic payments that encourage movement toward managed care.

Additional Legislative Action. Our advocacy initiatives stem from our Values: Honesty, Oneness, People and Excellence. The following report highlights efforts Presence Health undertook to support policies that align with our values and mission. Legislation no longer under consideration this year is eligible for reconsideration or can be reintroduced next year.

Presence Health has supported various bills in the following four categories:

Honesty, Oneness, People and Common Good

Honesty: Fiscal

The value of honesty is reflected in the stewardship of our ministries, as well as conducting business with integrity and accountability. Fiscal policies are aligned with stewardship to ensure that we can continue providing health care for everyone in the communities we serve.

Presence Health has weighed in on bills regarding appropriations and budget implementation, and long term acute care facility payments.

For more information, click here.

Oneness: Transformation

The value of oneness is related to growth and evolving emerging technological capabilities and advanced standards of care. Transformation policies help us achieve the goal of collaboration in providing effective holistic care to our patients.

Presence Health has sponsored a series of bills regarding telehealth insurance coverage, telemedicine and telepsychiatry services.

For more information, click here.

People: Common Good

The value of people is expressed through the Presence experience, working with others in our communities to make life better for all. Policies that address the common good are vital to help our communities be healthier and more vibrant. Our efforts complement the community health priorities and focus for the system.

Presence Health has weighed in on bills that would improve social, economic and structural determinants of health, mental and behavioral health, and prevent and reduce chronic disease.

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Excellence: Quality and Safety

The value of excellence depends on policies that increase quality and safety in the delivery of exceptional health care. Policies related to excellence are critical to delivering health care that is advanced, safe and cost-efficient.

Presence Health has weighed in on bills that help spread awareness about meningococcal disease and the dangers of sepsis, as well as bills creating a joint Legislative Cancer Caucus.

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Last updated on: 8/11/2017

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2017 End of Session Report

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