‘Medicaid-for-All’ Rapidly Gains Interest in the States

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More than a dozen states either have or are still considering the idea of letting people buy Medicaid — regardless of how much money they make. Medicaid, as we know it, is the nation’s government-run health care program for the poor. You have to make below a certain amount of money to qualify for it, and it’s free for most. But what if people — regardless of their income — could buy a Medicaid plan? That idea is gaining popularity among state lawmakers. Last year, a “Medicaid buy-in” or “Medicaid-for-all” bill made it as far as the governor’s desk in Nevada. Gov. Brian Sandoval vetoed it, but it inspired similar efforts around the country. Six states — Iowa, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey and Washington state — have active legislation to establish a Medicaid buy-in program. In four others, bills were proposed but stalled. New Mexico has set up a task force to study a Medicaid buy-in program, and Connecticut may do the same.