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Surprise Billing Comparison: What You Need to Know

The question is not if, but how: How will lawmakers tackle surprise billing? What started out as question for a small Senate working group in ...

National Law Review + May 20, 2019 + View Article

Senate GOP Leader Would Raise Age for Buying Tobacco to 21

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, whose home state of Kentucky was long one of the nation’s leading tobacco producers, introduced bipartisan legislation Monday to raise ...

New York Times + May 20, 2019 + View Article

Meet The New City Council

A new mayor and a dozen new alderman take their seats Monday.  Here’s everything you need to know about all 50 wards.

Chicago Sun-Times + May 18, 2019 + View Article

America’s Health Insurance Plans Issues Statement on No Surprises Act

America’s Health Insurance Plans issued the following statement by President and CEO Matt Eyles after the introduction of the No Surprises Act by House Energy ...

Insurance News Net + May 15, 2019 + View Article

Changes are likely coming to the Illinois pot legalization bill. Here’s what happened today.

Some provisions that advocates for recreational marijuana legalization have said are the most important facets of their bill faced the stiffest questions at a legislative ...

Herald Review + May 15, 2019 + View Article