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Federal Judge Overturns Medicare’s Site-Neutral Payment Policy

A federal judge on Tuesday tossed a site-neutral payment policy from Medicare that reduced the reimbursement rates for some hospital clinic visits.

RevCycle Intelligence + September 18, 2019 + View Article

Sen. Dick Durbin says FDA should strengthen regulation of vaping industry — or the head of the FDA should resign

Sen. Dick Durbin is calling on the Food and Drug Administration to swiftly and strictly regulate the vaping industry, comparing it to Big Tobacco preying ...

Chicago Tribune + September 09, 2019 + View Article

Washington risks seeing bipartisan victories on healthcare slip out of reach this fall

  Republicans, Democrats, and President Trump have a chance to pass legislation to lower healthcare costs, but risk squandering the opportunity because of the tight ...

Washington Examiner + September 09, 2019 + View Article

Selle: Time for Pritzker to act on perils of vaping, e-cigarettes

If more than 400 people came down with symptoms of E. coli bacteria from tainted vegetables, state health officials would be pulling products from store ...

Lake County News-Sun + September 09, 2019 + View Article

Vaping disease epidemic has Illinois advocates, lawmakers considering possible ban

A number of serious illnesses believed to be connected to vaping, including one death in Illinois, has state lawmakers and health officials looking to see ...

ABC Chicago + September 04, 2019 + View Article