Senator Durbin’s HEAL Committee

In October 2018, AMITA Health joined Senator Durbin and 9 other leading health systems in Chicago to launch the Chicago HEAL Initiative (Hospital Engagement, Action and Leadership). The goal of Chicago HEAL is to uplift the economic, health and neighborhood conditions in 18 of Chicago’s neighborhoods with the highest rates of violence, poverty and disparities.

The Chicago HEAL Initiative is organized around 3 key pillars:

  • Increase local workforce commitment
    • Increase hiring from local neighborhoods
    • Increase procurement from local suppliers
    • Develop career advancement and growth opportunities
    • Create youth summer employment, workforce development and apprenticeship programs
  • Support Community Partnerships
    • Deliver trauma-informed, community-based counseling/peer support Services
    • Support affordable housing pilot programs for the homeless and community gardens
    • Co-locate behavioral health services
    • Establish safe havens, safe passage routes, and gun-free zones
    • Hold health fairs and events to increase access to wrap-around services
  • Prioritize Key In-Hospital Clinical Practices to meet unmet needs
    • Train hospital intake staff and primary care physicians in behavioral health/trauma screenings
    • Reduce opioid prescribing rates
    • Develop data-sharing infrastructure and platforms across hospitals and others
    • Establish trauma-informed post-injury counseling and community case management programs
    • Increase lead poisoning screening rates for low-income children
    • Participate in the Chicago Gun Violence Collaborative
    • Participate in the perinatal quality collaborative

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