West Side United

AMITA Health’s values of Justice, Compassion and Dignity compel us to not only provide be best quality care to all in our clinical programs, but to advocate for the just treatment of all.

While no single institution or government agency can address the intersecting social, economic and environmental needs essential to health, we recognize the role anchor institutions like AMITA Health can plan in the communities we are privileged to serve.  We are committed to doing its part through our community programs and external partnerships like West Side United.

West Side United is a coalition of healthcare providers, education providers, the faith community, businesses, government and others working together to coordinate investments and improve outcomes on the West side of Chicago. AMITA Health is an active partner in West Side United.  Through this work, both with and beyond West Side United, we are increasing our efforts to hire, buy and invest locally. By pursuing an intentional, cross-sector, place-based strategy we have the opportunity to build community health and economic wellness.

Learn more about our community strategy in each of our markets here.