Illinois State Budget Updates

What’s new?

  • The legislature passed a FY2021 State Budget (Senate Bill 264/Public Act 101-0637) of approximately $42 billion, which included no cuts to Medicaid eligibility, benefit or reimbursement levels.
  • The approved budget also creates a new Coronavirus Urgent Remediation Emergency (CURE) fund in response to the ongoing expenses associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Over $800 million of CARES Act funding was appropriated to this fund for pandemic related stability payments for healthcare providers.
  • Other important budget items include:
    • SB2541/ Public Act 101-0650 which reauthorizes the Hospital Assessment Program. The $3.8 billion plan went into effect July 1, 2020
    • HB64/ Public Act 101-0638 – reappropriates $200 million for the Hospital & Healthcare Transformation Capital Investment Program

What’s the issue?

  • This is Governor Pritzker’s second budget, passed during an unprecedented pandemic and economic crisis.
  • The Governor inherited a $15 billion backlog of past due bills. His first budget began to stabilize the state’s finances and as of Aug 2020, the current backlog is $5.7 billion. You can track progress made on paying the backlog via the Illinois Comptroller’s debt transparency reports here.
  • The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economic is threatening that progress. The state is estimated to have a $7.4 billion budget deficit and is depending on potential federal stabilization dollars.
  • The budget authorizes Governor Pritzker to borrow up to $5 billion from the Federal Reserve’s Municipal Liquidity Facility if Congress fails to enact COVID stabilization funding for state and local governments

Why does it matter?

  • The state budget is critical for programs that serve the most vulnerable in Illinois.
  • Illinois already has the lowest credit rating of any U.S. state.


What is the AMITA Health perspective?

  • AMITA Health and the communities we serve are directly impacted by the budget.
  • Illinois must be a good steward of taxpayer dollars to serve vulnerable populations.



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