2019 Quality Showcase

What is the issue?

  • This year, Illinois legislators have introduced nearly 6,000 pieces of legislation.
  • The state of Illinois has also moved to Medicaid managed care and expanded the population served through the Affordable Care Act.
  • Legislators are expected to have an understanding of many complex issues.
  • They rely on us to participate in the process, bring forward solutions to the challenges they face and explain the impact of those proposed changes.

Why does it matter?

  • Quality and safety are often the criteria by which credentials are issues and funding is allocated.
  • Best practices and pilot projects are the foundation for thoughtful legislation that helps the entire industry achieve better results.
  • Educating and engaging legislators helps them gain a deeper understanding of the patients we serve and how we deliver high quality, compassionate care.

What is the AMITA Health perspective?

  • Patient safety is our priority.  Whether it is a safety huddle or an after action plan, AMITA Health puts the safety of each and every patient first.
  • Health care is a fundamental right.  As a matter of human dignity, we believe healthcare is a fundamental right and each individual is entitled to the best care that can be provided regardless of ability to pay.
  • AMITA Health is committed to high quality, compassionate healthcare.  Clinicians from across AMITA Health are honored to be able to highlight the impact of programs to improve patient safety and enhance quality care, while reducing healthcare costs with legislators at the State Capitol.

Several AMITA Health hospitals were honored at the Illinois Health and Hospital Association 2019 Quality Showcase.  Some of their programs are highlighted in the resources below.

AMITA Health Resources

Materials developed by AMITA Health to help you understand, communicate and engage on issues important to health care and our ministry.

AMITA Health 2019 Quality Showcase Posters

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